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Scars (ah yes, today is a good day. I can actually post this on the right day!! This will be a once in a lifetime experience, guys. Enjoy it. EMBRACE IT. Anyway, here we have poor little Sammy, all bloodied up. I have to say, Jared really is my favourite human being to draw. Something about it is just very pleasing. This prompt is from this prompt list. Check it out, join, feel loved! he...

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#inktober 14 #asurocks #sketcheveryday #sketchbook happü happü happü happüüüü @asurelle !!!! *knuddel* freu mich aufs dich am sa! Irgendwas perversgeiles müssenwa zusammen trinken!

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Inktober 8: Star “The great spirit proclaims it, we are Toa!”

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mahoutober day 15, “elemental” i like winx club as an elemental-based series because it includes interesting elements like music, technology, and what stella here embodies - the sun & moon! i feel like the regular four-elements style is used way too often and adding more fun ones makes a series really unique!

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Inktober day 19 :3c I always have trouble drawing zenyatta´s back, I can´t wait for the figma to be out to have an in-hand reference all the time.

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