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The other half of Inktober that I managed to complete, on account of getting sick shortly after finishing the last few of these. I got mostly Pokemon done for this challenge because they were the easiest. Greninja is probably my fave of this bunch. It’s a shame I didn’t get to finish/fell so far behind that I didn’t finish, but it was my first Inktober so it’s something. Hope you like!

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アルニックRJ! @cafe-cardamari‘s Arnick has been CAP-tured by my squidsona with Patty’s, the hat, powers. It could be that Arnick tried on the hat that Tetrox founded without Tetrox’s knowledge of what RJ’s hat can do. Or it could be RJ missed his target and accidentally capped Arnick instead. By the way, that is Arnick’s name written in katakana without the RJ part. Arunikku! ...

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Hi I showed my friend that picture of Kirby with the inkling power in Smash and he decided to create this ungodly thing. If I had to see this, you all do too

i hate this but love it at the same time inkling kerbe kirb kirby splatoon super smash bros