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Inpired by the homophobic seal خكري: كلمة سعودية عامة بمعنى دلوع

apathy camel design drawing ink makers myapathy reemawdah saudi جمل خكري سعودية عربي كلمة

After School Krampus Special, 11x17 ink. Priced at $250, if buying art is your thing. If you’re in the Detroit area come to Wreck the Halls tonight! I have this piece, as well as a collaboration with my buddy Vincent . It is also a toy and/or canned food drive so you can do some good before Santa comes to town!

art show black and white children christmas crying children detroit krampus night drawing finished work gruss vom krampus! illustration ink krampus krampus night wreck the halls

A picture I did for @niuniente of her webcomic character Fuzzy, for her birthday a couple of months ago. I sent her the original so I didn’t want to post a scan until I knew it had arrived. I love drawing characters who are always in silhouette, it’s a challenge to make sure it reads correctly once the black is filled in. Fuzzy is a mysterious creature who lives in a temple, where a profe...

art brush pens fanart fuzzy fuzzycomic ink ink wash niuniente traditional art