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From Ancient Greek γλυκύς (sweet) and ῥάχις (spine, ridge); from Latin cerebrum (brain, skull), spīnālis (spinal, of the spine), fluidus (liquid, fluid, flowing, moist, soft) and from Ancient Greek γλυκύς (sweet)

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Tooth Infection Necklace. This cow looks to have had a small abcess in the tooth before passing. You can see in the roots of the tooth it looks to be made of spongy bone, instead of compact bone. I’ve included a picture of a normal cow tooth, so you can see the difference. Pictures really don’t do it justice, this thing looks awesome in person. I’ve made it into a necklace so whoever pick...

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What an unusual colour for a tawny owl! This beautifully pale bird was brought into the centre after being hit by a car. Amazingly, it seemed to have no physical injuries, but had a nasty white plaque in the back of its mouth. Although we initially expected canker, several tests have found this to be a bacterial infection and the bird is currently undergoing treatment. It was very thin, so ...

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“Can you hear me? We’ve got contact! Lots of them! But they’re not Covenant!”

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