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reignofmethanol: 1952 Kurtis 500A Indycar.

01/04/15 1952 500a history indycar kurtis

Throwback Thursday to when I met Alexander Rossi. It was, truly, an amazing experience and he is a very sweet man. I am proud to call myself his supporter

alexander rossi awesome cute indycar just ignore it racing this shirt makes me look fat throwback

Kevin Cogan ( #4),Chip Mead ( #49), and Tony Bettenhausen, Jr. ( #6)roll around under caution at Phoenix. CART PPG Indy Car World Series, Phoenix International Raceway, 1982 Kraco Car Stereo 150

1982 cart champ car chip mead indycar kevin cogan motorsport phoenix phoenix international raceway racing tony bettenhausen jr

This picture is both cute and sexy and I don’t know what to do. Why do you do this to me, Alex?

adorable alexander rossi cute indycar precious racing sexy why are you perfect

INDY500 // Practice 2 // Fernando Alonso

alonsorunsindy fernando alonso indy500 indycar mine

Iphone Wallpaper - 2017 Verizon Indy Car Series Season / 101th Indianapolis 500 - #AlonsoRunsIndy People, are you ready? The most famous race in the motorsports will begin in minutes. Let’s support the only F1 driver in active who competes in Indianapolis today. Go Alonso!

alonsorunsindy fernando alonso indy500 indycar iphone wallpaper