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Our customers are real gentlemen 🎩 we’re deeply involved with these projects, as we had the chance to challenge our limits more and more. Another step towards fancy swept hilts 😄 #hilt #swords #madeinitaly #malleusmartialis #florence #firenze #improvement #sword #rapier #sidesword #gettingcloser #loveourjob (presso Malleus Martialis Swords)

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Happy Valentine’s day! I’m aware that it’s pretty much late to upload this…but I wanted to post it anyway. You guys saw that this year Hiro didn’t draw any main characters for Valentine’s day, right? We had Mirajane (from which I took reference) and Yukino and Minerva, but we had no Lucy, no Juvia, no Levy…so I decided to draw Juvia hehe

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I don’t draw Virika a lot since she’s not a main character, but I decided to update her appearance today and noticed I improved a lil :O

art improvement draw this again improvement paint tool sai adventures terra fray virika

With the ask, I thought I may as well post comparisons too Left (2016): One of my first pieces Right (2017) This was done a few months ago

improvement warrior cats wc warriors

New YouTube video up! Repaint of my first video since I hit 1k subs a while back :) Aaaand somewhat horribly embarrassing because it’s my first voice over too!

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Felt like doing a redraw. Now with 90% more emotion :p

butting-heads daily pokemon doodle improvement pkmnart pokemon redraw tyrunt

Seeing his princess gf: December 2016 versus June 2018 In which I learned how to depict ginger hair as not purely orange, and how I figured out how to depict more than one kind of hair texture. Sorry for so much OC spam lately. It’s what I’ve been in the mood to draw. In 2016′s defense, I was rushing the comic because I knew there was a chance I wouldn’t get into the tournament. I was...

digital painting i like the background better in the first one improvement improvement meme my oc my ocs pyrrhus the use of space was good