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Abbreviated version of the art improvement meme, full version here. 13 years is a long time and I haven’t improved as much as I would have liked in that time, but I’m still proud to see how far I’ve come. 11 year old me would be so impressed by my technical skill now, but horrified at some of my content 8D ALSO, I know I’ve been using the tag ‘April Art’ for my stuff, but I’m g...

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About a several months ago, back in December. I did this drawing of an unused character from the cartoon Jimmy Two-Shoes that had been, revived, through ’s fanfics. After sometime had passed, a friend suggested that the drawing could have been better and I agree with him that he was right. So while bored in the college cafeteria, I did a sketch of Madame Bouffant and and proceeded to rewor...

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New YouTube video up! Repaint of my first video since I hit 1k subs a while back :) Aaaand somewhat horribly embarrassing because it’s my first voice over too!

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