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Introducing my @thearcanagame MC/fan apprentice, Iris! At first I just wanted to finish her casual look but the moment I decided on her familiar (Malayan Tiger), I NEEDED to finish her masquerade look as well. A bit of a wild-child, she’s an adventurous zoologist who loves creatures and beasts of all kinds and wants nothing more than to explore the world and all its fauna. She knows a bit of ...

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A splash of water colours, a dash of freckles, ink blots and few beetles. Add everything into a blender and mix on medium stand for that perfect shade of doctor Devorak.

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Midnight stroll Had an urge to draw great fluff. I love my babies and Ardea is often cold. And Julian is always the gentleman with too many layers of clothing which he can give to the poor damsel (we all know that he would give her his shirt even if it was the only garment he had, right?)

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