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WEEK 84 のりもの | norimono | vehicles Kanji available on Patreon!

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diabolik lovers illustration ディアラバ 無神ルキ 逆巻シュウ

Grootslang (great snake): A South African snake/elephant hybrid cryptid that comes from a legend about a primordial creature made by the gods but in a huge mistake was given incredible strength and cunning. It lives in a cave in Richtersveld that supposedly extends all the way to the ocean and is full of precious gems. In 1917, a man trying to find the Grootslang lost his exploring party to lio...

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After School Krampus Special, 11x17 ink. Priced at $250, if buying art is your thing. If you’re in the Detroit area come to Wreck the Halls tonight! I have this piece, as well as a collaboration with my buddy Vincent . It is also a toy and/or canned food drive so you can do some good before Santa comes to town!

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My arms and body have been very unreliable these past few days, but I’ve still managed to finish one piece of lineart of a steampunk paleontologist and his robotic pet for a friend to colour over on IG and Twitter. (I did detail the entire dinosaur even though 70% of it is obscured.) I really want to go back to watercolours but I’m afraid it’ll have to wait for now. :/ I feel like can’...

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