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Chubby!alex, sorry I can’t draw body types that well,,,,,but still, here’s the boi @jamiiton

aham art chubby!alex doodle hamilton hamilton the musical i love jamiilton sketch

He shifts, putting his head on my shoulder. The next eight words come out thin, like he’s run them through his thoughts so many times, they’re worn down, frayed: “I don’t think I’ve ever felt this worthless.” This is a knife to my gut, and in a heated flash, I want him to get the fuck out of Provo. I hope his book sells a million copies in a week and everyone loses their mind over...

also i know i havent posted in 12 years i was busy with work but then i got fired so artists on tumblr autoboyography christina lauren digital art here's tanner and seb under the snuffleupagus tree i couldn't reach a conclusion on whether sebastian but was actually blond or not i love im back! my art sebastian brother so much tanner scott

Shine from the inside out [On Redbubble] [Commission] DUDE THIS EPISODE WAS SO PUNK. I love it so much! ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT RARITY!? I absolutely love the message too about body positivity and loving yourself omg– punk af. Also, holy crap the way I did this, anyone else getting like night out, gay rollerblade rink date indie film aesthetic vibes from this??? Bonus development pic below ...

*screaming* <3 aaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa art azkre draws body positivity fav good! i love it isn't the mane thing about you merch mlp my little pony omg positivity punk rarity traditional art transparent