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A new year pic I made. I’m a huge player and fan of Tokyo After School Summoners being someone since a lot of the art is from some of my fav artists. Anyways here's me as in my makeshift human form with one of my fav summons Horkeukamui warming together in the winter morning. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

furry art furry bara horkeukamui human hybrid illustration sfw tiger tokyo afterschool summoners

Gregg x Angus human version for art-trade with @pinesold (?)

angus art art-trade gregg greggxangus human nightinthewoods nitw nitwhuman

Super quick, suuuuper late night sketch of an idea for a new sith of mine. No details as of yet (also forgive the super shitty light whip, I’m so tiiiired ) I may or may not clean this up into something decent

human lightwhip my art sith star wars swtor
NASA X-38 Vehicle in Free Flight: 1999
The X-38, a research vehicle built to help develop technology...

*NASA X-38 Vehicle in Free Flight: 1999* The X-38, a research vehicle built to help develop technology for an emergency Crew Return Vehicle (CRV), descends under its steerable parachute during a July 1999 test flight at the NASA Armstrong (formerly Dryden) Flight Research Center, Edwards, California. It was the fourth free flight of the test vehicles in the X-38 program, and the second free fli...

armstrong budget california crew crv development dryden edwards esa human iss nasa project research space spaceflight testing unitedstates usa vehicle x38

((my humanized version of Colin! he is definitely my favorite teacher in dhmis. dont use this drawing anywhere before telling me!!

3d art colin colinthecomputer computer dhmis dhmis4 drawing glitch human myart photoshopcc

*[C] Dragoness and dresses* - by JAMEArts Commission for wes13 While Wes was DMing, his friends blew up into their sexy dragonesses in a puffy dresses form as he throws a magical dice. Up to his surprise, his space felt tighter and tighter by the frilly dresses of tho...

barbara greenscale bridezilla commission dragonesses dresses females flirty helia airbaggia human jamearts male melody bridezilla puffy dresses scalie wes13