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Our #1 new release is Kandle’s impeccable album Holy Smoke

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I’m at Comic Con, and ran into THIS vision of perfection. Sideshow’s Tony Stark in Iron Man Extremis armor, by Marvel concept artist Adi Granov. WANT!!! Hey, it’s only $520 of my favorite dollars, which can be paid in installments. Like a car.

adi granov holy smoke it’s beautiful san diego comic con sdcc sdcc2018 sideshow tony stark

Kandle just released one of her boldest, wildest songs yet! Check out ‘Child of Fate’ from her upcoming album 'Holy Smoke’

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EPIC ROCK | “This Is a Call” by Les Friction Ok, so I was listening to it a few times, but only after I read the lyrics… It’s a Genji and Hanzo song=__= so damn much! Everything we’ve done has made us all that we have been and we’ve become Oh we are now alone, everyone’s gone and now we’re without a home We have destroyed both of our lives Brother, we were left t...

brother song genji hanzo holy smoke overwatch

“Hell Malo” (Lido Pola 26/07/2016) Band: The project LEE VAN CLEEF was born as a joke at the end of 2015 and is the result of long jam sessions between Marco Adamo, guitarist (La polvere di Bodélé), Guido Minervini, drum (Efesto, Lamarck) and Pietro La Tegola, bass (Whiskeycold Winter). Influenced by bands like Earthless, Black Bombaim, Harsh Toke (to name a few) The first work “Holy S...

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We can vouch for the authenticity of this portrait, having studied religion in college. From the Davidson yearbook of 1976. Here’s my gallery of unusual imagery from vintage college yearbooks. Context: Weblog | Books | Videos | Music | Etsy

holy smoke religion vintage photo vintage yearbook

New music video; Palace - Holy Smoke

holy smoke new music video palace