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Canon City Local & No 1 the Royal Gorge Florence, CO September 23, 1964

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Denver & Rio Grande Western F9A #5774 leads the “Royal Gorge” across the famous Hanging Bridge along the Arkansas River within Colorado’s Royal Gorge during August, 1965. Drew Jacksich photo.

1965 colorado d&rgw denver history passenger train rio grande royal gorge salida the royal gorge trains

Masonic orb pendant of 9k gold circa late 19th/early 20th century, British. Designed to unfold into the shape of a cross, with six pyramids (which represent knowledge and wisdom) engraved on all four sides with key Masonic symbols, including the square, the gavel, and the six-pointed star. (More info on the symbols can be found here.) They were most often worn as watch fobs. The orb’s shape ...

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Fabricated Crimes After the Civil War, a form of slavery continued through a system of peonage, a form of involuntary servitude. Thousands of African Americans were arrested for fabricated crimes and forced to work off exorbitant fines. Pat Hill was a victim of this reenslavement––bound, beaten, and forced to work. The affidavit is his formal sworn statement of fact. Affidavit of Pat Hill...

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A garden party. June 16, 1891. Includes: Princess May of Teck; Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, Duchess of Teck; Queen Alexandra when Alexandra, Princess of Wales; Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom; Princess Maud of Wales; The Princess Louise, Princess Royal and Duchess of Fife; with Lady Gosford; Lady Salisbury; and the Duke and Duchess of Manchester.

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