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July 12, 2018 - White-bellied Heron or Imperial Heron (Ardea insignis) These large herons are found in parts of Bhutan, northeastern India, Bangladesh, and northern Myanmar. They eat fish, crustaceans, and insects, hunting during the day in fast-flowing rivers. Nesting in trees, especially Chir Pine trees near water, pairs take turns incubating the eggs. Critically Endangered due to habitat lo...

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You don’t gotta tell me I’ve got a problem cuz that will just blow my high when I already know that I’ve got a problem , rich hil

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damn asura being so cute and great damn me thinking far too hard about characters that aren’t even really mine and coming up with stories for them and and orz At least I can kinda trick myself into thinking I didn’t completely waste this day off. |D And no i don’t really get what’s going on with their hands, someday i’ll go back and adjust them but………..

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Some of my favorite mounts at the New York State museum located in Albany.

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