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#SteelersFamBam = #SteelersOhana #HereWeGo 

Scored a FREE flag. Wooh Hooh
Hehe Thanks first cousin ...

#SteelersFamBam = #SteelersOhana #HereWeGo Scored a FREE flag. Wooh Hooh Hehe Thanks first cousin Jeffrey Saludes/z Rañada Madriaga. 😄😃😆😅 DagDaGan DadDeGan blood runs THROUGH AWA = our veins. He was gonna show me flags... He says, "!Lour, you lEYEk see flags?!" Me, "No, just give me Juan flag.😄😃😆😆" BOOM EYE got Juan of the toe. Hehe. #MahaloNuiLoa and Thank yallz f...

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Vaya error de Cam Newton 🤦‍♂️😱 Los @steelers le dio la vuelta con tan solo dos jugadas a los @Panthers que van a buscar recuperar la ventaja #KeepPounding 7-14 #HereWeGo #CAR

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Amidst all the nonsense the Bengals were doing and ultimately to themselves , my boys are Warriors, you hit us we get back up, how many QBs get carted out, have the opponents fans throw debris at them and when he was most needed suit up and take care of biz? NONE but ONE Big Ben is IRONMAN no doubt, proud of this team to the core , 10 years ago we did the same thing and won the Superbowl and no...

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Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! 

Happy New Year!

#SteelersFamBam = #SteelersOhana #HereWeGo

Blessings in 2018...

*Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!* *Happy New Year!* #SteelersFamBam = #SteelersOhana #HereWeGo Blessings in 2018 + NFL ​​ + Pittsburgh Steelers ​​ *AL🌺HA* *XOXO*

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