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there are a lot of mistakes, but I PUT SO MUCH TIME IN OKAY for all your rivalshipping, prideshipping needs! yugioh in the gay year of 2018

a good au help me i cant believe im doing yugioh art in 2018 im uhhh gaay kaiba kimi no na wa au prideshipping rivalshipping seto seto kaiba yugi moto yugi mouto yugi muto yugioh yuugi

When we go up we don’t look down So if you fall and it’s your own fault… Don’t look up with a frown Because I here above don’t have time, to be looking down

anime anime art anime girl anime quote anime quotes anime sad be strong black black and white broken depressing quotes depressive help help me i'm broken know right from wrong love manga manga art manga girl manga sad quote quotes sad sadness standup white woman women

@vivziepop Thought you might like to see my fanart! Got a speedpaint of it too on my YouTube channel, Wybie Loon, it’s linked on my page :)

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