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AU Taeana: Warlock Probably my favorite AU Tae to date, spent WAY too much of the weekend on this I love how wicked and decrepit she looks! Not a look i ever thought i would draw her as, but for this class AU? totally works!! Want art of your own character? I do commissions! ~~~~~ With the destruction at mount Hyjal, Taeana lost most of her family and Tribe. In...

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Sorry I’ve been MIA y’all! You know how it is when you’ve got a deadline and you’re in the zone 😅 I’m so proud of myself for how much I got done on Frollo before the @wondercon Masquerade submission deadline! I’ve still got quite a bit to do but it looks even better than I expected! I’ve been sharing full progress photos and details on how it’s made on my Patreon so if you a...

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Here we see spongebob showing his LGBT pride with painted meat and hellfire.

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From Petri Costalij Pegma, 1555. Tempting: over 700 vintage devils. From fire leapers to fire deities, fire roosters to houses on fire, my collection of vintage fire is burning up. Context: Weblog | Books | Videos | Music | Etsy

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Colorful harvests are my favorite💜

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+ PKW WRESTLING ​ Hell Fire Full show (Hell in a cell match) #Hellfire #Bestmatchof2015 #HIAC #WWE #Hellinacell

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Anti-tank füzeleri. Roketsan’ın ürettiği Mızrak-U da listede.

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