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Hans Gruber and his gang from Die Hard 1988 I found the pic on the wiki

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Yippee-Kay-Yay, Mother Critter Bruce: So, how many rounds do I have left in my pistol? *Looks down at his character sheet* John: Two, I think. Bruce: Yeah…is there anything around me? John: Go ahead and make a perception check. Bruce: *rolls* That’s 15 plus…22 total. Reginald: Nice. John: Ok, in the dim light you can see some boxes, a roll of tape, and some other packing material. ...

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Dear people of tumblr, how is it possible ? I’ve been scrolling for days without this appearing. Reblog this ! It’s too important !

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Gameplay and reviews of all Die Hard games based on the classic original movie; including firm PlayStation favourite Die Hard Trilogy, to more obscure titles on MS DOS and PC Engine. There’s a nice selection of genres on offer with a huge variation in quality and how much they stick to the source material. Off duty cop John Mclane’s epic chance face off against a truck load of bad guys in t...

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