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Year Four: Day Fifteen Visiting daddy at work! #HALOWC


Your 2018 Halo World Champions are @Splyce! The all-conquering quartet of @Shotzzy, @Renegade_JW, @KevinEcoSmith, and @TheStelluR take home the title after a dominating sweep of the defending world champs #TOXGaming. Congratulations! #HaloWC

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My #HaloWC @jinxdotcom jersey! So stoked! Also featuring me trying to smile with the sun in my eyes

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Wondering what it was like at the #HaloWC ? Here are my thoughts about the venue situation!


Vlogged my trip to the #HaloWC ! #halo5 @halo

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In 2017, the most talented Halo players and teams on Earth will compete for ultimate glory and gain in the 2017 Halo World Championship. But to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best – the crown is back up for grabs, and the road begins here. Trailer: Details: #HCS #Halo5 #HaloWC

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@Halo @MajorNelson #HaloWC Great finale! My thoughts and reaction...


Congratulations to @MindfreakPro for winning the #HaloWC 2018 Sydney Finals without dropping a single map. @TeamImmunity will join them in representing Australia & New Zealand at the Halo World Championship 2018 Finals in Seattle on April 13-15!

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The #HaloWC are over. Congrats to CLGaming, and as a thank you to all of us that supplied the 2.5 million dollar prize pool, a FREE REQ pack. Pick yours up at: And, in case you missed it, Warzone Firefight, coming soon. #Halo #XboxOne #WarzoneFirefight

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Here’s how to get a Free Halo WC REQ Pack for Halo 5. Act quickly, as it’s only available until 9am PT March 21st! Download Halo WC REQ Pack here -

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Good luck to all the Halo teams in Seattle this weekend! Here’s another shiny thing: #HaloWC #halo by William Cameron‏ @pixelflaregfx

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the #xboxone march update is now live. read all about it here! @xbox #jinx #halowc

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