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“Don’t make a girl a promise you can’t keep”

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Comic isn’t dead, just have large amount of stuff in my to do list. Also bit of an update for Anvil Initiative, Starting from now on, all new pages will be posted 1 week earlier on the blog when I get them done. Then after that week they will be added on here and the other sites I post them to. Along with that will be extra tidbits of content of Halo Ammunition’s univ...

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“this part here I swear this is how the Halo franchise is going" - @decade-dance The “traitor whore” can be either Halsey, Cortana, or any other mentally ill/female character who’s villainization Traviss and 343 are currently jacking off to. Take your pick.

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Here’s Sigma. His specialization is Creativity. If you get into a predictament; he will be sure to get you out.

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