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The Helljumpers | Halo ODST — By Kier-James of Huddersfield, United Kingdom (@GeeksNGamers) Left to right, Mickey - Alan Tudyk, Buck - Nathan Fillion, Dutch - Adam Baldwin Artist: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Store GeeksNGamers: Keep Us Alive On Patreon! | Twitter | Adventure On!

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Halo Catsuit Spartan female armor, sexy bad ass as hell.

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Definitely would sign up for this division…

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Hanging w Atlas Plug & an Orchestra from Macedonia as we work on more characters for the Season 3 score of Killer Instinct //_^) #killerinstinct #video #game #score #battletoads #arbiter #halo #kimwu

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It was the time of the Days of Sundering, even before the First Consolidation had taken place, when the fires of the Great Schism had barely been doused and still raged in some corners of the High Encompassing. Those long cycles were fraught with strife and turmoil across the known heavens, and so it was too on the War-Moons of Shikra, nestled among the hundred stars of the Apex Firmament in th...

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The one and only… happy birthday @bossveteran hope its been a good one man!

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“What we should do, Commander, is understand - clearly - that this is humanity’s final stand - here - at Earth. We go, we risk everything; every last man, woman, and child. If we stand our ground, we might just have a chance.” -Lord Terrance Hood

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