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Terri J. Vaughn estará en Greenleaf y Ellia English en Code Black Terri J. Vaughn (Meet The Browns) se ha reservado un papel recurrente en la serie de drama de…

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Kiliel and Legolas - Only a moment I finished this finally. Nothing big, just a scene from my fanfiction “Daughter of Stars and Stones” found of AO3 and! It’s about the daughter of Kili and Tauriel and how she grows up in Erebor as future queen, and her everlasting love for Legolas. There will be lost of drama!;)

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I bumped into a crazy fanfiction of Lucius Malfoy and Thandruil running a hair salon. Because, you know, both have gorgeous hair, it only makes sense they would. I read the fanfiction from ajnerdess , credit for her giving me the idea

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