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Is #treetusday still on? Oui? Non? oh yes, I searched it and it is!! Whoohoo... here is one of the photo...

Is #treetusday still on? Oui? Non? oh yes, I searched it and it is!! Whoohoo... here is one of the photo I just took of my neighbors pear tree, all #blooming .... smells amazing!! :) Happy #Tuesday to you all!! __ #treetuesday +Tree Tuesday + Ralph Mendoza #nature #photography #peartree #bloom #blooming #flowers #gratitude #fragile #beauty #divine #tree #detail #Canon

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How to overcome your inner cynic and embrace gratitude (without being a total cheeseball) I wear the armor of the cynic. I scoff at things like babies dressed up in adorable hats and placed in adorable buckets to make adorable calendars, compliments, pumpkin spiced lattes, affirmations in Soul-Cycle and yoga, and, of course, the most commoditized supposed-to-be-joyful thing of all: the gratitud...

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5/30/16 Good morning 🇺🇸 Just thinking… Courage is contagious. Happy Memorial Day! Xx H/t @saltmountain

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Gratitude (Black Beetle + Reach Scientist) for @puddingmcmuffin Send me a ‘ ʊ’ + a character/ship and I will make an aesthetic board of them. All images found on Google/edited by me

aesthetic board black beetle gratitude i hope it all fits ahaha i hope you like it !! look at me making aesthetic boards reach scientist young justice

POW! Practice, prepare, and then deliver! POW! . . I’m still in awe of how incredible the audience was at #iinlive this past Saturday! I was overwhelmed by the amount of support and love I got from everyone both behind the scenes and on stage! I was so flippin’ nervous but I can say with confidence that I crushed my first major speaking gig. Stay tuned #humanheroes, we’ve only just beg...

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