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Paris stencil by Miss Tic at rue Vaugirard Translation “ When she is dreaming, he is snoring”. Miss.Tic is a French artist born in Paris on 20 February 1956. She is known for her stencils of dark haired woman often seen in the streets of Paris and associated with poetry. She has been active as a street artist since 1985.(wikipedia) Photo : Iphone 6 & VSCO

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Capital Control by INO for ArtRePublic - Located in Jacksonville, Florida

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“Sugartime” artist, Hoke….Ebay Auction…..Starting Bid $15………………… ………….Original acrylic painting on recycled wood…Aug 31 - Sept 5…….

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Belgian artist DZIA has recently wrapped up “Big and Bright”, one of the largest murals in the Czech Republic region on CTP industrial halls next to the D1 highway near Humpolec. Street artist quickly worked his way through the artwork which was inspired by sauna and flora using his signature style and technique. It only took 10 days to paint this massive 1600 square metre structure.

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