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none of the art used in my lockscreens are mine, if you want to link me to the creators go ahead. but here are a couple of lockscreens :)

2d gorillaz gorillaz lockscreen gorillaz wallpaper lockscreen overwatch overwatch lockscreen overwatch wallpaper zenyatta

2D rocks nearly anything! This is a work in progress but hey it’s still post worthy. Inspired by past outfits and the song ‘Magic City’ Edit: I know Fanart is amazing and all but please consider checking my other stuff out :’^DD More Gorillaz art is gonna be made so why not follow? Just a thought.

2d 2dgorillaz art artist artist on tumblr gorillaz gorillaz fanart gorillaz nownow gorillaz2d nownow pen art sketchy thenownow

I made up my mind, to share my vision with the world. Everything that follows, I’m not responsible.

2d gorillaz for a now now fanzine! gorillaz gorillaz art gorillaz fanart lake zurich mine my art phase 5 the now now

これだけのために #fujirock 来てるので、 #gorillaz 無視。 #苗場食堂 #とろろめし #けんちん汁 (フジロック苗場食堂)

fujirock gorillaz けんちん汁 とろろめし 苗場食堂

some gorillaz lockscreens i made cause i was bored

alister's gorillaz gorillaz lockscreen gorillaz lockscreens lockscreen

sorry i havent liked or reblogged any beautiful art today… have an ace

ace copular gorillaz mudsys art