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Still getting used to Sai. So to ease my pain of the election that’s going to hell in a hand basket, I drew SSJ4 Gogeta. Enjoy.

digital art gogeta gogeta ssj4 hyper draws hyper mourns

SSJ4 Gogeta’s aura looks like a Christmas tree His Japanese theme sounds like festive music Pretend I did this a month and a half ago.

dbz dragon ball dragon ball gt gogeta gogeta ssj4

Some more Gogeta SSJ4. On my phone the colors are waaay more contrasted it hurts my eyes ahah.

db gt dragon ball gt gogeta ssj4

Random Icon I made from the base from LaniProduction that I wanted to do it :3 Feel free to used them but you have to give me credit!

art by ladydbzelle base by laniproduction fusiondance fusions gogeta gogeta ssj4 gotenks humors icons potorafusion space out vegito vegito ssj4 zamasu fuse