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15 years and no Isaac/Wise One fanfics to be seen. This fandom has failed me. characters © Camelot Software doodles © ケLV

fan絵 gods golden sun grue isaac isaac (golden sun) wise one wise one (golden sun) ケlvart ロビン (黄金の太陽)

This is a relief of Djehuti/Tehuti and Seshat. Djehuti also often incorrectly referred to and mixed with the greek Hermes Or modern/ recent term Thoth. This being with his feminine counterpart Seshat both represent the divine principles and powers related to knowledge, writing and wisdom.

ancient ancient art ancient world asar diety djehuti egypt gods hermes heru het heru hieroglphics horus isis kemet knowledge mdw ntr medu netjer osiris seshat ta meri tehuti thoth writing

“G is for Garmuth, the god of purpose and folly. The Crippled Duke reminds us that good intentions are nothin’ on their own.” “Despite His lack of senses, the Crippled Duke gives council to the humble and the wise.” The 9th of the set represents Garmuth, the god of purpose of folly. He is the one that the confused seek when they need direction. A play on the term “ the blind l...

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