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i got a bit bored lmao Gote Chara by @underlineau and Aster from @negatedtale

aster goat chara my art

OH BOY! With Halloween right around the Corner I decided to do something spoopy!! So I tortured my Bby’s ;^; This is also based off [Genji’s|] Goretale designs!^^

chara frisk goat chara goat frisk goatchildren goatdreemurrchildren goretale undertale au

Here you go! You can use them for whatever :D just please don’t claim them as your own (Watch the animation here!) - Mod Dusty

animation asriel chara gif goat chara underlineauasks undertale

Currently making this post in math class because for some reason the sub doesn’t know how to do her job, and two students are teaching. I sketched this as they’re doing their thing.

artists of tumblr asgore asriel asriel dreemurr chara chara dreemurr goat goat chara goat fam goatboyalex art pen precise pens torgore toriel tradionalart undertale

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! This adorable ball of fur is part of @underlineau ‘s wonderful stories (made by the amazing Tem!Frisk(@ifellforundertale), Dusty (@dustyart) and Littlegrumblranna (@littlegrumblranna)). Thank you so much for all the amazing stories and emotions you’ve made us felt thorough the year! Long Live Underline!

animation brou edit: aaah the senpai noticed me! goat chara happy anniversary! i'm super happy right now sorry for not knowing all your accounts underline

This is something I made during Art class- We had a substitute, she read a book and was like “Now, your inspired, draw something” and I was like- Haha- //draws// while my friend said when I’m finished to do a kermit inside joke we usually do XD And I wanted to finish this just Because Spring is finally here and the Snow finally stopped XD Rip-me because allergies ;;

asriel chara chara and frisk frisk (undertale) goat chara goat dreemurr children goat frisk goatchildren undertale undertale au

Underline AU - Goat Chara OMG! I like this CHARActer so much! :D Well I hope you like it @underlineau

goat chara goatchara underlineau
If you could make one of these an actual thing in the game, which would you choose?

If you could make one of these an actual thing in the game, which would you choose?

Undertale sketches (what’s skeleton anatomy???????) Anyways that’s a merman skele don’t ask me how it swims. Probably magic :D

beau the lion. beauthelion gaster goat chara goat frisk merman gaster undertale