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when you wake up at 2 am in the morning and decide to Draw your star Child,, yeah, i drew Glitchy to make me tried so i can sleep again, which is working. but before i sleep, i wanted to post it Because i wuv how it looks :3 and Glitchy has a new hairstyle too! whichh i also luv UwU. anyway ima go to sleep night. Glitch Belongs to - Mehh ewe

anyway byee btw guys im going to post glitches ref soon too errorberry child fluffz art glitch good job me hhh its 2 am why am i awake drawing-- my star child oh oh well i luv how it turned out uwu qwq save me so yea

GEMEL [adjective] 1. coupled; paired. [noun] 2. one of the twins; a twin. 3. one of a pair of small bars placed together. 4. a finger ring which splits into two horizontally. Etymology: from Old French gemel, from Latin gemellus, diminutive of geminus, “twin”. - Original: Lenka Šimečková

couple gemel glitch lenka simeckova lenka šimečková pair twins