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cillianmurphy : “Consider the situation… fuckin’ handled.” *Get Out* (2017) dir. Jordan Peele

get out okay but for real this was my guy

*Daniel Kaluuya as Chris Washington / Get Out (2017)* A cademy Award Nominated as Best Actor

2017 best actor daniel kaluuya get out

Dak Prescott, Quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys mural in Dallas Texas.SUNKEN PLACE

black power coon dak prescott dallas cowboys get out nfl sunken place

verxnicablossom : *90th Academy Awards* *Best Original Screenplay winner:* *Get Out (2017)* Jordan Peele Great film. watched it yesterday.

daniel kaluuya get out

x We enjoyed every second of @getoutmovie And to you @JordanPeele …. 
GET the fuck OUT of our lives after we see it 4 more times….

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