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A super late happy holidays to @catchingadri I’m your mcgenji secret santa and this is super late cause my life’s a mess! Anyway i hope you like their first kiss in the snow!

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@good1can As promised, here I am with a new post containing Soldier x Mercy ; W ; I’m really happy I was able to finish it for the end of the week, but I would have liked to add my other favourite couples (McHanzo, WidowTracer, ReinAna) but in the end I didn’t have the time to draw them as well. So well, these are my two OW otps above all! (I wanted to draw Genji e D.Va AU version)

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JESUS CHRIST I JUST SAW THE VIDEO FOR THE NEXUS CHALLENGE WITH GENJI AND D.VA AND I JUST EXPLODED. For months I’ve been waiting to see something about them: a voiceline, anything, really. I would have never expected a video where they fight together, though! I’m so happy I can see the two characters I ship the most helping each other into a fight! This is really a great gift for me even if...

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When Blackwatch Genji skin first came out someone suggested me to draw Genji and D.Va blackwatch version together. Well this is just a simple thumbnail but here it is, I really wanted to draw them together again! I used to spend days and days drawing before but after my internship in a pastry shop my wrist got injured (I still don’t know how badly, there were bureaucractic issues with one of...

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