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I’ve been getting all excited about Aquamarine for March💎🌊💎 This one is 423carats, 5 inches long, super clear and totally captivating. WX-016, $4,500

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etsyfindoftheday | CURATION REQUEST | 4.19.15 request: raw crystal or druzy jewelry for boho bachelorette party favors ~$20 featured item: dainty aqua druzy necklace by xuanqirabbit price: $25

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Augelite, Quartz Mundo Nuevo Mine, Huamachuco, La Libertad Dept., Peru

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Gemglow - Topaz & Aquamarine Topaz: “I don’t know what Topaz would do if she didn’t have Topaz. I’ve always wanted to tell me how I’m helping me through this, but there’s always someone between us! They’re always sending me on these miserable missions. I’m always pretending I’m fine with it. I have to pretend I’m fine. But you two – you’re so honest and open… so I wann...

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if i was a teen in 1935 Appalachia (moodboard) 😍 Hi this is brass pearl i bought her off of DA she is my baby djslfjghfdlkshgsfdkl shes a mechanic gem and serves for a peridot, she is 200 years old and is irresponsible, she usually has trouble following orders. Most things she is not completely good at but!! shes trying!! she probably dabs unironically and listens to pilotredsun and Jack ...

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