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White hats, black hats - That’s what they always wore In those old westerns we watched growing up. So we could tell the good guys from the bad guys. That works in a kids’ western. In real life, it’s different. In real life, the bad guys ofter wear flashy shoes, their ties aren’t bad, either. - Mob City (2013)

and they introduced meyer at the end of the season! benny siegel benny's actor was so good for nothing gangsters i was so angry when they canceled this one it could've been great joe teague l.a. noire mickey cohen mob city mobcityedit myedit ned stax sid rothman there's no other explanation they like to see us suffer

New York, 1931 - Actress Alice Granville uncovers 2 bullet holes left in her arm after being shot by her hitman husband, Pete Donahue.

alice granville gang gangsters hitman mob new york pete donahue true crime