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made a new orikero awhile back and decided to go and give them some colours v ! I was going for a sorta chocolate-mint thing ?? no idea what gender they are, nor what to name them, but I love them ahhh.

gallery i'll work on requests again soon keroro gunso monty art my orikero no name orikero sgt frog

Join filmmaker and photographer Laurie Simmons and painter Carroll Dunhan for our last Artist’s Eye talk featuring Marilyn Minter: Pretty/Dirty. Simmons and Dunham will share their insights into the photorealist paintings of Marilyn Minter this Saturday at 2pm. Free with museum admission. About the Artists’ Eye Series: This series of intimate, in-gallery talks by contemporary artists will ...

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dailyvice: We’re excited for another Fashion Friday styled by @itsashbenzo!! Shop her pick at NOON PST.

10.03.2017 ashley benson daily vice gallery instagram photoshoot