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Not all technology is created equal. Here are my favorite gadgets that will help techify your life.

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This was a commission of my OC done by the wonderful @visualsasha Posting this here to add to my character reference sheets!

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It’s Manuals Monday! Every Monday we share an excerpt from a standards manual from the archives! In 1992, Vignelli Associates created a corporate Identity for gifts & gadgets retail store, Brookstone , using ‘Our Bodoni” a Vigne...

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I got a new lover and I think I love him… No more PC!

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Cupboard with Drawers for Children's Clothes

Cupboard with Drawers for Children's Clothes

This storage cabinet is made of high-density fibreboard that installed by knockdown (KD) system. Its laminated HDF board texture was designed by myself. #accessory #Adéls_DIGICRAFT #album_foto #antinganting #apartemen #apartment #arloji #asesoris #asrama #backpack #bag #baju #baju_dingin #baju_hangat #baju_hujan #bandana #bandanna #bando #bangle #barak #bath #beanie #bed_cover #bedak #belt #bi...

3D 3D Warehouse 3D model Adéls_DIGICRAFT DIGICRAFT HDF HP LDF MDF SketchUp TShirt accessory album_foto antinganting apartemen apartment arloji asesoris asrama backpack bag baju baju_dingin baju_hangat baju_hujan bandana bandanna bando bangle barak bath beanie bed_cover bedak belt binocular blanket boarding_house bracelet brooch bros bubur_kayu bungalow calculator cap cardigan celana celana_panjang celana_pendek cellular_phone cermin cincin clothes coin comb condominium cotton_bud crown cupboard dasi dasi_kupukupu dompet drawer dress duit ear_ring eye_glass flat furnitur furniture gadget ganti_baju ganti_pakaian gantungan_kunci gelang get_dress glove gunting gunting_kuku handkerchief handuk hanky harum hat home home_stay hood hotel house household ikat_rambut indoor interior jacket jaket jam_tangan jepit_rambut jewellery jewelry kaca kaca_mata kacamata kalkulator kamera kaos_kaki kaos_oblong kayu kemeja kertas_tisu key_holder knock_down kondominium korek_kuping kos kost kotej kudung kupluk lace laci legging lemari lemari_pakaian lipat mandi mantel mantel_hujan mask mess mirror modular money motel mukena nail_scissor necklace over_coat pajamas pakaian pakaian_dalam pakaian_olah_raga pakaian_renang pampers pants panty papan papan_partikel parfum pavilion payung peci pendant penginapan perfume perhiasan pewangi photo_album pin pita_rambut plywood powder pyjamas péci raincoat rak ransel rantai rapi ring rok rompi rumah rumah_susun rusun sabun sajadah sapu_tangan sarong sarung sarung_tangan scarf scissor selimut setrika shoe_string sikat_gigi singlet sisir skirt soap sock spectacle sport_wear stocking stoking susun sweater swim_wear syal tali_pinggang tali_sepatu talk tank_top tas teropong tie tissue_paper tooth_brush topeng topi towel trouser uang uang_logam umbrella underwear vest villa wallet wardrobe watch wear wisma wood

Urbo Keyring Charger with USB-A to Micro-USB Connector Good things come in small packages, especially when you need them to travel with you. This is the tiny connector you can always carry around to charge or sync your mobile devices. Magnetized to easily snap on or off a key-ring, the Urbo Charger comes in beautiful color choices. Modern design for the urban lifestyle.

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