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#Gökotta: lit “dawn picnic to hear the first bird song”: the act of rising in the early morning to watch birds or to go outside to appreciate nature 🇸🇪


All right. It is 7:30 am and we just finished our morning run. And every Tuesday works like this. Join us, if you dare to set your alarm clock… #kvazibarki #morningrun #marathontraining #caferun #nevernotrunning #gökotta #caferun #runningbudapest

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Gökotta i Närtuna Nu börjar det bli tid för fältvandringar i projektet Värdefull odlingsbygd och lördag 31 maj var vi på gökotta med Närtuna Hembygdsförening på nyrestaurerade Öbacken. Lina Törnqvist guidade i Natura 2000-områdets rika flora och vi hittade bland annat 8 överblommade exemplar av backsippa - en art som inte går att finna någon annanstans i Norrtälje kommun. De...

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Ethereal mornings on the prairie


So lately I am working on a girls cycling collective called Gökotta, it stands for “waking up early to listen the first birds sing” in swedish. The idea behind it came to me when I realized how many girls dont try road cycling just because they feel intimidated by how professional it all looks. And unlike that, cycling for me is all about exploring, pushing your limits and supporting each...

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To Wake Up Early In The Morning With The Purpose Of Going Outside To Hear The First Birds Sing. by Jolita Vaitkute

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