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Happy #TerrificTuesday! Don’t be shy to put yourself out there! I know that it’s scary and you will meet other people but these other people might be the greatest friends you’ll ever find! Be adventurous and take that chance! You might be surprised that these people are just as nervous and shy as you are. :) Never forget that you are the only one that can change your life for the better...

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((Okayyy so I decided to fix this up more and repost it)) Pic I drew for @hensa The shading and lighting techniques she put out helped me a lot and now I’m way more pleased with my art, so I drew this as appreciation for it and your art!

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B.L.A.C.K.O.U.T [Speedpaint] My new Eevee, Etch, was accepted into the new Eevee Party 3 reboot! So I guess this is kind of like a celebratory piece? ^^ I think it’s come out awesome!! I really love drawing things that are glowy and have this kind of bright and dramatic lighting. I really get into the zone. View in full here.

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Just 4 of my too many fursonas 😩🔥💕✨ . . My art, commission info will be posted soon!

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