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Crown -tipped coral fungus
Reported to be edible.
#fungus #mushroom #Ohio

Crown -tipped coral fungus Reported to be edible. #fungus #mushroom #Ohio

fungus mushroom ohio

Parasol Mushroom ( Macrolepiota procera ) next to Samsung galaxy s3 (for size comparison). Parasol Mushroom’s cap can reach almost 30 cm in diameter, and its height can be up to 35 cm.

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Entoloma chalybaeum, Indigo pinkgill. One of the few pinkgills I’ve been able to identify, most of them have to be checked using microscope. A really beautiful little mushroom with blue gills and a very dark, almost black cap.

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Powdery mildew -fungus (Erysiphe alphitoides) on English oak (Quercus robur). The pigmented chasmothecia hold and release sacs (Ascus) of spores (Ascospores).

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