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endragoneel submitted: have a special boy ((since i can’t answer asks rn rip Aw bless!!

fantasy au friend art fwuffy made for me so fluffffy submission

Who expected me posting more Pet AU stuff? YES I wanted to do the pocky game collab with @ask-protoheroes but I havn’t had a nice idea yet SO HERE WE GO PLAYING WITH THIS WHILE KEEP THINKING ON IT. Bunny Yami with an in love owner Katsuki and a cute dorky pup Katsuki with a flustered owner Yami ♥ Katsuyami pet AU gives me life ~~

also son's art <3 ask-protoheroes bnha bnha au boku no hero academy friend art katsudeku katsuki bakugou katsuyami mikumo akatani my hero academia pet au proto!deku proto!katsuki prototypes why so many tags hahaha yamikumo

( Original template: @fewines ) Double meme w/ @kuripak !! Honestly proud of how this turned out

art art meme digital art double meme friend art my art we've been wanting to do this for a while

I did some collabs with my buddies @fawnshy, @vixered, and @nootsuit!! We each chose an OC to draw for someone, and passed it on to the next artist. Basically, it was a four-way gift exchange! Loads of fun guys, and I love how they all turned out.

art collab fawnshy friend art i have.. zero idea how else to tag it long post nootsuit vixered

yo here’s a quick and messy ghirazant doodle i made 4 you before i go to bed! i figured you’d like getting some fresh content for you ship in light of recent events lol ohhh my god,,, this is beautiful judy!!!! you didnt have to and you did it,, and you’re such a blessing i love you and i love it!! @liopluraldon drew this!! credits to her and definitely check out her blog and art bc its ...

cc friend art ghirahim ghirazant happy tag legend of zelda liopluraldon loz not my art submission the legend of zelda tloz zant