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Day 1+ 2 Tribal times + sacrifice Hello I’m not late I swear. I did the sketch @thelugorohlover did the lines and I did the color!

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@miss-feef submitted: i couldn’t get the image of Milo having a robin perched on top of his head out of my mind so i just had to draw it the quality’s rlly bad but it’s just a lil Milo smiling n’ pointing at the lil robin on his head AWWW!!

friend art so cute!!! submission

@avikat drew this and I LOVE IT WE LOOK SHARP AS HELL

avi avikat dream team friend art friends art mak me

A 3-way collab with my friends! We each sketched our ocs and passed them around :¬) Orla: @principles Max: @slitherbite

3 artist collab 3 way collab collab friend art ocs

i almost forgot to doodle you a Milo! 0: !!!

cute!! friend art submission

me and @ryuji-goda made some cute matching chibis because if youre not doin that with your bff then what are you even doing????

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Another 3 way collab!!! It’s so fun working with other ppl!! tysm u guys

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