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Poster cast of Blood Simple. (1982) John Getz as Ray Frances McDormand as Abby Dan Hedaya as Julian Marty Samm-Art Williams as Meurice M. Emmet Walsh as Loren Visser

blood simple dan hedaya frances mcdormand john getz m. emmet walsh samm-art williams

4th Annual Just Another Movie Award (JAMA) Nominations: Best Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Voice-Over Role for an Animated Film Hadley Belle Miller (The Peanuts Movie) Kaitlyn Dias (Inside Out) Mindy Kaling (Inside Out) Frances McDormand (The Good Dinosaur) Anna Paquin (The Good Dinosaur)

anna paquin film frances mcdormand hadley belle miller inside out jama just another movie awards kaitlyn dias mindy kaling movie peanuts the good dinosaur the peanuts movie

12/52: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri - ★★★★. Review: “Waaaaat. I did not expect this to end when it did. A little sad about that cause could have rode it out for at least 30 more minutes. Such good performances and writing of characters. Being able to like then hate then like one character in one film is crazy. But that happened. Many times. Many laughs. Many watery eyes...

fan poster frances mcdormand illustrated poster illustration illustrator jmowatfilms martin mcdonagh movie poster movie review sam rockwell three billboards movie three billboards review woody harrelson