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The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morton. Hardcover, large print. F, 50s, large wheelie bag, keys on lanyard, Mentos wrappers falling out of pockets. Wednesday morning. H line.

forgotten garden kaye morton large print

“Memory is a cruel mistress with whom we all must learn to dance.”

forgotten garden kate morton

Forgotten Car by stefanwilliner Photo Credit : stefanwilliner

6d HDR Junkyard Lost Place Lost Places Stefan Williner alsace canon car forgotten garden france urban

ReadWomen Day 28: The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

forgotten garden kate morton mine postbyme readwomen readwomen2015

Inspired by a sculpture in the Bosco dei Mostri in Bomarzo, Italy. …the real one is, alas, NOT a hot tub.

comics forgotten garden hot tub smoochysmoo watercolor weaselbun