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Declassified nuclear air burst detonation

This high-speed footage of an air burst detonation was captured...

*Declassified nuclear air burst detonation* This high-speed footage of an air burst detonation was captured at the Nevada National Security Site during Operation Teapot , a series of fourteen nuclear tests that took place during early 1955. This particular detonation (Turk) was the largest bomb tested during the experiment with a yield of 43-kilotons, almost three times larger than the bomb dr...

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Some gifs I made of the snippets of B-roll BTS footage of Operation Finale featuring Joe & Haley. Pretty neat!

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so much of shooting all the magic places last year and this year and all the exciting projects failed :(

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Tsarevich Alexei, still recovering from a severe hemophiliac bleeding episode in the previous year, is carried by a Cossack during the celebration of the Romanov tercentenary. 1913.

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