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Ibis blanc adulte en vol / An adult American White Ibis flying at Huntington Beach State Park, South Carolina, USA. Eudocimus albus (Linnaeus, 1758) : - Ibis blanc ; - American white ibis ; - Corocoro blanco - Ibis blanco americano ; - Ibis bianco ; - Íbis-branco-americano ; - Schneesichler ; - Witte ibis ; - Vit ibis ; - Белый ибис ; - Ibis biały ; - Ak aynak ; - シロトキ …...

** ♥ american white ibis aves bec rose bird eudocimus eudocimus albus flying grand échassier ibis blanc en vol ibis blanc ibis oiseau pelecaniformes threskiornithidae vol w white ibis échassier

Day 407 - Agehunt | アゲハント | Beautifly Agehunt’s probiscus is long and curly, but it’s so muscular that it can unfurl to be completely turgid. It can pierce the skin of fruits and Berries with ease. Their arms and legs are seldom used, to the point where there is heated debate on whether or not to consider them vestigial appendages – a relic of time. (P.S. New Pokémon drawings...

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On Deck At Easton
John and Bill have a quick look at the engine of Doris Mae shortly...

On Deck At Easton John and Bill have a quick look at the engine of Doris Mae shortly after landing at Easton Airport in preparation for the S.S. John Brown Fly Over, yesterday morning. #aviation #flying #plane #warbird #CommemorativeAirForce #CapitalWing #Grumman #TBM #Avenger #WorldWarII #MarineCorps #VMTB143 #RocketRaiders #FlyByPhotography

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SureFly Is A Huge Drone Capable Of Carrying Two Adults And It Can Become The Future Of Aerial Transport

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