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Template - Boeing 777F [2016 UPDATE]

Template - Boeing 777F [2016 UPDATE]

Noticed a few bothersome inaccuracies in my previous Boeing 777 template, thus the AirbusA330 Boeing 777 templates so popularly used. (in case you didn't know, AirbusA330's 777 templates that all of you were using were all modified from my Boeing 777-200 model which you can find on my page, please credit both of us correctly next time). This is the corrected...or rather completely remodelled Bo...

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(Doble used Sketch!) Day 509 B - Doble | ドーブル | Smeargle Doble can create any type of paint by eating Berries of different colors. It has a paint mixer-type organ in its stomach that separates dye and churns it into actual paint using excess water and phospholipid layering. The paint lays thin, can easily be mixed and is hydrophobic. Doble can spray, ink, paint, and even sketch with...

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Merlin Duet
With its Rolls Royce Merlin engines roaring, the Military Aviation...

Merlin Duet With its Rolls Royce Merlin engines roaring, the Military Aviation Museum's Mosquito accelerates down the runway . #aviation #flying #plane #warbird #RNZAF #DeHavilland #Mosquito #FlyByPhotography

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