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To all my new fans out there, did you know I’m also an avid fisherman?! 🎣 #crusoe #crusoethecelebritydachshund #fishing #fisherman

crusoe crusoethecelebritydachshund fisherman fishing

I`m sure many people remember Slayers, or at least an image of Zelgadiss from there. So lets recall and cheer this awesome guy once more ;) I wanted to make just a quick pencil sketch of him,but… someone doesnt know when to stop :p

chimera fish fishing mage magician my drawing sketch sketchbook slayers summer traditional media zelgadis zelgadis greywords zelgadiss

What can Brown do for you? How about NOT SHIPPING SHARK FINS! Petition: TAKE ACTION AND TELL UPS NOT TO SHIP SHARK FINS!!! I just realized there are just over seven THOUSAND Sharkhuggers out there - can we get another seven thousand signatures and help UPS see the light? I ship all of my domestic client art via UPS and this would make me feel even better about them as a company! Let’s D...

animals conservation extinction finning fishing ocean petition sea life shark shark fin soup sharks shipping ups