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I finished it a day before it was due thank god…. My art teacher sent us a message at 9pm yesterday saying that it was due Wednesday. So, I kinda got no sleep trying to get this finished but I did… Thankfully… @cm8x-insanity

((also sorry that i've tagged you so many times while working on this... ((i donno i always feel weird tagging people in posts because i don't want to bug anyone animation finished animation mun shenanigans my youtube video

i migt re-draw it if i have time or at least add shadows and higlits

animatin finished animation little red riding hood

(via My part of the Imagine Dragons MAP- I’ve actually had this finished for a few weeks but just didn’t post it- I was waiting to see if the MAP was still being done by others but it looks like it was dropped- that’s fine, though! I finished an animation, guys! I finished an animation!

a tale of two stans artists on tumblr atots fanart finished animation ford pines gravity falls imagine dragons map multi-animator project multi-artist project stanford pines warriors

My shot for the @tazanimated project! It was lots of fun to work on, so thank you for the opportunity!

animation finished animation here there be gerblins mcelroy taako taz taz animated taz balance the adventure zone

My third-year animation is up! I worked on this with two others over a semester. At some point I think I may go back and tweak some of my scenes and fix some of the layouts and many were left unfinished due to time restraints, but it was definitely a learning experience.

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