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Here I am, a rabbit hearted girl Frozen in the headlights It seems I’ve made the final sacrifice I look around but I can’t find you If only I could see your face Instead of rushing towards the skyline I wish that I could just be brave I must become a lion hearted girl Ready for a fight Before I make the final sacrifice commisson for @whisper-of-yanxia​

be patient be strong final fantasy final fantasy xiv final fantasy xiv screenshots find your light find your way rabbit hearted girl

After remembering that Nu Mou were a thing, I made one as my warm-up doodle today. I imagine they nervously play with their ears when they get flustered.

final fantasy moleart nu mou

✨ My Final Fantasy 30th anniversary art project is now complete!! See the whole set, let me know which you like the most, and you can also buy prints here: ✨ ENCORE!! And by popular demand: Agrias Oaks from_ Final Fantasy Tactics_ (1997). The kickass Holy Knight represents the same zodiac as me (clue: see the Scabbard). Taking on Akihiko Yoshida’...

agrias agrias oaks ff30 ff30th ff30周年 fft final fantasy final fantasy tactics retrogaming rpg sunshower