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Jeune fougère en contre-jour. Image gratuite sur Pixabay : 1024662 / Dictionary123 ~~ ♥

2 contre jour dictionary123 fern fougère frond fronde green jeune fougère px vert young fern ~~ ♥

Soft Tree Fern (Cyathea smithii), a native plant of #NewZealand, which is called Katote by the Maori. SciArt by Walter Hood Fitch. Joseph Dalton Hooker, The botany of the Antarctic voyage of H.M. discovery ships Erebus and Terror in the Years 1839-1843, Vol. 2, Part 2 (1855) in @biodivlibrary.

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Whoops i made some kids and got attached. They all travel together~ Fern (ヒデキ) 11 y/o The son of May and Drew. He’s a pretty upbeat guy just trying to make it into the coordinator world. Fern is very analytical and tells things like they are. He’s constantly hungry and suffers from RBF and it scares people sometimes. Celeste (セレステ) 10 y/o The daughter of Serena and Tier...

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