Twitter Trend The hearts eater - an imitation of the style of japanese woodblock prints. “This damned soul wanders through the mountains, in a never ending cold. They lost any warm feeling, becoming cold-hearted. No sound surround these frozen places, except for the roaring avalanches. But he can clearly heard only one sound: a heartbeat, the beat of what is still alive. They hurri...

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Today our two #adopted cats and three #rescue formerly #feral cats have been driving me a bit nuts. ...

Today our two #adopted cats and three #rescue formerly #feral cats have been driving me a bit nuts. :) We are looking for #foreverhomes for 3 of them. At the moment, we are putting up with cat pack behavior :) Either incredibly sweet sleeping animals strewn across the house or absolute mayhem. So this great tuxedo cat gif is appropriate :) #crazy #animal #animals #cats #funny #humor #awesome ...

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Gift art for @art-kour of their character Click I really like this design so

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WHEN I SAID I WAS GONNA DRAW THEM I DIDN’T MEAN THIS BUT MY HAND SLIPPED Feral belongs to @inashibe Terri belongs to @purpledinorus Orchid belongs to @demi-gray Crow belongs to me. Horror Sans belongs to @sour-apple-studios Murder Sans belongs to its respective owner.

crow draw the squad dust feral horror sans horrordust children horrordust family host i hate me so much rn but u see there's a party in my house all my mom friends and i am awkwardly here in the desktop and i was stressed murder sans ocs orchid silly doodles so this happened terri

Open your wings to fly away from this world PLEASE DONT USE COPY REPOST STEAL VALESKA BELONGS TO ME

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*rolls out of bed* do you ever think about how little red riding hood ate the wolf because i do

feral furry i mean i guess seapunk ummm what else