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I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a summary of art this year despite doing them for a very long time now, but my watchers on deviantART were super nice and encouraging about me making another one! Due to how little art I made last year there isn’t enough for 12 months, so this is more of a general collage with 9 of my favorite pieces throughout the year. (Some of these are from the same month...

amalikas art amy rose anthro blaze the cat espio the chameleon feral furry knuckles the echidna sonic sth summary of art 2017

The snow around them fell gently, methodically, with no particular sense of urgency. The land remained untouched in the years after the Lich King’s reign, Ulduar standing tall and proud as ever, stone as strong as the ages it had weathered. The short haired elf let out a breath she wasn’t even aware she’d been holding in, a cloud forming in front of her in the glacial air. ...

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really neglecting the tablet these days,,,

digital art druid feral kaldorei night elf warcraft art

Omg it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything Sorry! I remembered having this dirty sketch of the HorrorDust children at school so might as well post it here Orchid belongs to @jewelymb Crow belongs to @valen-nidk Feral belongs to @inashibe Terri belongs to meh @onebizarrekai here are all the kids and hey,it’s been so long :’D

crow feral hey it's been so long ;;-;; horrordust children orchid terri

The last sketch in the batch for @almonihahzrathanzon: this is his gryphon character, Zakhin'Dakh, being very fluffy! Thank you for the commission! 1 hour, 35 minutes in Photoshop CS6

almonihah art artists on tumblr commission digital artists feral gryphon monochrome my art scaleeth sketch zakhin'dakh

And HERE’S a bunch more concept of Reese that I chugged out in the past month. Like I mentioned on his last post, I play with new OCs by figuring out how they’d appear within some key verse and AUs Reese’s concept originated as a speed-type sanic, but my first drawing of him was as a kamaitachi, which are a type of mythical creature that appear as blade-wielding weasels (to be fair, I wa...

animals anthro artwork characters feral furry kamaitachi marten mythology pkmnart pokemon quilava quincy reese ref sheets sketches sonic oc sonic style weasel

By the way, I’m sometimes doing HTTYD dragons adoptables on FA. I also have one bewilderbeast, but he doesn’t have SFW version yet, and I stayed him for myself, so might do some redesign and fuller reference. Anyway, you can check NSFW versions of skrill and stinger girls, and current Bewilderbeast here -

adoptable anthro art by me bewilderbeast dirtyfox911911 dragon dragons defenders of berk dragons riders of berk dreamworks dragons feral httyd original character race to the edge rtte skrill speed stinger