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I just had a curious accident happen while I was casting these antlers. I’ve been having problems with incredibly brittle casts and flaky white crystals floating in my Resin part A. Both of these are caused by low temperatures - this resin needs to be mixed and cured at 25C or it won’t cure properly. I know that putting the mould in the oven at about 75C for 20 mins or so helps resin to cu...

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Guess what, everyone? We just shot our first video with the basic bare-bones UI in place. Stick around...

Guess what, everyone? We just shot our first video with the basic bare-bones UI in place. Stick around...we'll have it coming to you soon! The + Saga of Lucimia MMORPG being built in + Unity 5! Also the first time we have all logged into together as a team!!!! #sagaoflucimia  #mmo  #rpg  #mmorpg  #gaming  #games  #gamers  #videogames  #art  #fantasy  #fantasyart  #dungeon  #prealpha  #gamed...

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Super excited to get my magnets in today from @stickermule - now I need to make a set of garden witches to fill our fridge with summer! . #stickermule #magnet #fantasyart #magnetart #gardenwitch #gardenwitchery

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Very excited to share a project I’ve been working on for Spider Magazine (Cricket Media)! . Nine illustrations plus a cover for a ‘Kids Zone Activity’ zine located inside the March 2018 issue, titled 'The Fantastical Fairy Guide’. For the coming weeks, I’ll be featuring one illustration per week from the zine. . #spidermagazine #cricketmedia #fantasyart #fantasticalfairyguide #fa...

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Inktober day 3 — Bicorn"The Bicorn is a creature (often described as a part-panther, part-cow creature with a human-like face[in my case I prefered a gorilla face~]) that has the reputation of devouring kind-hearted and devoted husbands" –

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I finally drew the whole group from @Kimberlistudio ’s #DnD campaign! L to R: Koronne (played by me), Marip (@Hannah_illo ), Lomer (@wbchristenson ) and Calam (@fujiokastudio). The frog is Gumper :)

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