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Vonn Sketch - 2.1.18 Created this small faun sketch while in between putting the final touches on my upcoming patreon! Sometimes you gotta do a drawing for yourself as a mental break when doing a lot of work that’s not drawin. You won’t see me complain tho as I know that being an independent artist comes with its own set of backend work, marketing, and self-promotion that needs to be done! ...

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Mike Rowe in full plate armor.

fantasy medieval mike rowe

A finalized redesign for an OC I was dissatisfied with for quite some time, his backstory and race have changed too!

deva fantasy monster boy ocs. tarak third eye

Vonnart Twitch Stream - The Collector Pt 3 I’m back on twitch today!! After a 2 week hiatus of travelling across the country for cons, I’m ready to pick back up on the Collector creature made entirely of hands! Come watch as I render more hands out, continue developing the story, and talk Dragon Con!! Watch live at 2PM CST HERE!

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“Moonlit Dryad” art and character by me. You do not have permission to use or reupload without asking me first.

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