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Full Confession It was 1997, i had just broken free from an abusive and controlling relationship, i felt worthless and destroyed. I couldn’t eat, face people or go to work, i was completely lost. A mutual friend sent TR home to me via a family member with the words ’ tell your sister to play this’. I fired up my PS One and was totally blown away - it was like nothing i had ever played be...

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AltIndien: Still living off this high. Dope running into one of my idols at the airport! Louis Tomlinson

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8734 I will always be a fan of Floor and support her. Do I think she over reacted a bit? Hell no! She had a burn out over a year ago, she’s trying to not let herself get to that point anymore. People need to respect her wishes, or she won’t be physically able to perform anymore. People need to stop talking about it and enjoy the music. If this little incident upset you, then don’t go to ...

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