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Mongols from the Russian movie the Legend of Kolovrat (2017). The clothing is my original summer design, cause in the film the story happens during winter so all mongols are fully clothed. I just wanted to slightly undress the sexiness, hahah. Alright, the characters are: Tsogt, Batu Khan, Tolmach, Hostovrul (Khostovrul whose character is actually mixed with historical Subutai). Neither Tsogt...

batu batu khan fanart furious 2017 history hostovrul khostovrul-subutai legend of kolovrat movie tolmach tsogt

//If Marie met Asura…it would go a little something like this…

asura comic fanart marie mjolnir mariedoodlecorner soul eater

Finished another request after like weeks!! “Gizmoduck and Nik being dramatic” pretty much made me think of this. I never drew Nik before so this was pretty fun. Thank you for requesting @yanagiblogg !! [Edited] Send an ask to my new ask box to request art!!

ducktales ducktales 2017 ducktales fanart ducktales fandom ducktales reboot fanart gizmoduck nik nokturne requests rychaton

lime from witchs heart!!! ♥ been wanting to do fanart its been ages ;;; i need to do more i love this game sm

blue star iz fanart horror game horror rpg maker lime lime (witch's heart) rpg maker witch's heart